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Process vs. Result

Yesterday, while talking with a friend who works in AI (NLP) about the astonishing capabilities of ChatGPT, I was struck by how it evolves and upgrades like a monster. No matter what kind of question you throw at it (except for those heavily subjective), it can respond convincingly, and the better your prompt, the more accurate its answer. A few days ago, I upgraded to version 4.0, which supports online document reading, images, etc., and it has already started becoming more ecosystem-like. I realized that much of my work will be replaced by it. I jokingly said that if I keep using it, I might become a person who has lost the ability to think independently. However, I also noticed that while its answers are good, I don’t get that exhilarating feeling of having truly achieved something. When my friend said: "ChatGPT, to a large extent, uses human feedback reinforcement learning through dialogue, which diminishes our direct experience of achieving something." I suddenly remembe

Two Changes

After the Dragon Boat Festival in 2022, inspired by a few books, I embarked on two unique and interesting endeavors that still stand out today. A year has passed, and I want to write something to document this experience. Developing the Habit of Tracking Time The first change was attempting to chart my remaining life by using time as the horizontal axis and experiences as the vertical axis, meticulously recording (only what I consider important) my time. Imagine someone in this world who, starting at age 26, set clear life goals and recorded every minute of his life. Despite facing several major upheavals, he continuously improved his time-tracking methods until he passed away at 82. Through this method of time management (which had a significant impact), he achieved remarkable success in various fields (mathematics, physics, statistics, education, engineering, etc.) without missing a single day of recording in 56 years. I believe anyone would be astounded by this. I first learned abou