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Systematic Thinking: A Thought Model

Preface During my lunch break today, I suddenly recalled an article I previously wrote, "How to Become a Quick Learner?" I then realized that conceptual learners are essentially systematic thinkers. They start by considering and understanding things from a macro perspective. When it comes to learning specific knowledge, it becomes easier to grasp and they tend to have more perseverance. This is because they can see the end goal from a holistic view and are less likely to get lost in the details of the present. I remember that before my graduate studies, my learning method was cramming: whatever the teacher taught, I learned. Most of the time, it was rote memorization without understanding, which worked well for exams. I used this method to pass the Japanese proficiency test in a short time. However, the side effects were obvious: developing an aversion to learning, retaining information poorly, and having an unstable foundation, among others. But during my graduate studies, m